Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pink Out Day

Fairly regularly, I am humbled and reminded of yet another reason why I have not yet been nominated for "Mother of the Year" ...  The conversation went a little like this:

M: MOM ... I HAVE to wear red today!!!!!
H:Are you sure?
M:YES!  It is Red Ribbon Week.
H:Nope -- that's next week.
M: MOM, we are watching the video today to kick it off.  We have to wear red.
H: Hon, I already got the note from school and added all of your dress up days to the calendar.  Next week is Red Ribbon Week.
M: I know!  But we are kicking it off today.
H: Okay!  Go get dressed and come back so I can do your hair.

She comes back a couple of minutes later all dressed in pink.

H: Buddy, I thought you had to wear red today?
M: Yeah, I think I got confused.  It is not Dare, it is Pink Out.
H:  Are you sure you know what you are talking about?
M: YES -- they had signs up at school.  We're supposed to wear pink today .. and we can wear pink in our hair.
H:  I doubt that.
M: Seriously -- even Madison and Autumn had color in their hair this week.
H: Are you sure?
M: YES -- we can totally wear pink in our hair.

Despite the red flags going off in my head ... I remembered the new principal.  He is young and hip and has been doing a lot of new things with the kids.  So, maybe he really did say they could add color to their hair for pink Out Day.

As you can tell by the photos, we painted pink stripes in her hair.   She skipped out of the bathroom to put her shoes on.  A minute later, she returns with the look of sheer terror on her face ...

M: I remember where I saw the signs about Pink Out Day.
H: At school?
M: No .. it was at Primrose (her after school care).
H: Hmmmm (holding in the laughter)
H: You could always just rock it and tell them it is Pink Out Day.
M: MOM ... I looked at the dress code.  It says NO EXTREME HAIR COLOR.  Do you think this qualifies as extreme?

At this point, the rest of the family hits the floor and busts out laughing.  Extreme?  No, giant hot pink stripes are barely noticeable!!

We headed to the kitchen sink to wash out as much as we could, considering it was already 7:45.  First, we had to document this little fiasco!!  My little drama queen starts to sob while I was her hair ... " I'm such an idiot!!  I feel so stupid!!"  Her older sisters start telling stories about dumb things that have happened to them like totally missing the first day of school, falling down the stairs, etc.  Her Dad comes running into the room yelling about how it is Peach day and he has nothing to wear ... until we finally had her calmed back down.

She's sitting real quiet in the back seat while I drive her to school.

M: Hmm ... I just remembered something.
H: What's that?
M: Well, Madison and Autumn had a concert at School of Rock.  That's why they had purple and green in their hair.  Now that I think about it, I think they must have tried to wash it out because there was really only a little strand that was still purple and green.
H: Yeah, we probably should have figured that out before adding hot pink stripes to your hair.
M: So, can we put the stripes back in this weekend?  They did look cool.
H: Sure, sis.  Just so we're clear, you are 15 minutes late to school.  You are going to get a tardy and it is going to be okay.  No drama .. we are just late today and the world will continue to rotate on its axis.
M:  I know ... levels of panic!  This started as a 10+, but now I'll keep it at a 2.
H: Love you buddy.  Have a good day with your slightly pink hair!