Monday, December 5, 2011

Mini-Mean Girls

Miss M came home from school a little upset ...
Apparently, a group of girls were making fun of her for not having boobs.

WAIT ... WHAT?????!!!!!
This is fourth grade!
I mean REALLY!!

Really ladies ... What? You think you have gigantic boobs!

Really ... you do recognize that a push up bra doesn't actually mean you have boobs!

  How dare one of you not maintain her social status by rocking a push up "C" cup!  The nerve of some girls!
I mean really!

Your mothers ought to be smacked for ...
Buying you a push up bra in the fourth grade!
Encouraging such an emphasis on your body at ten years old!
Not smacking you every time a snotty comment came out of your mouth so we could eliminate this charming behavior before you really start to hurt the feelings of others!