Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Friends

I met a great young family this past week.  You may have seen us on Facebook asking for costume donations.  The momma in this family is the founder of the Princess Alexa Foundation. 

It is my general personal belief that the word "trial" is widely overused ... there are daily challenges or aspects of life that just don't rise to the level of a trial.  For me, I will be ready to use that word if a day comes that we have to spend 2-4 years fighting leukemia with one of my girls.  I think I came pretty close the day my Dad died, and I was in Argentina ... you could say that the world came crashing down on that day and it took a few more days to get it back together.  However, that would be nothing in comparison to losing one of my girls.

I was so moved by this sweet young family.  They took the pain of losing a child and have translated it into a working non-profit.  They use the fun of playing dress-up to bring a little sunshine into the lives of some really sick kiddos ... and I'm sure the parents of these kiddos enjoy those few hours every bit as much.  What an amazing example of using your super powers for good!

It was so fun to get to know them just a little bit and we look forward to doing more with their foundation.