Sunday, January 8, 2012

Change the World

As a young girl .. I regularly prayed to be the mom of boys.
Boys would be less dramatic and emotional.
I could be surrounded by baseball bats and footballs.
We could get dirty and have fun.
I had a plan .. four boys and life would be sweet!
I am a mom to three girls .. so much for letting God in on my perfect plan.
I have learned many a lesson from being surrounded by this much estrogen on a daily basis.
See, boys are strong and focused.
They can do great things - professionally and personally.
But girls .. there is something about a girl who has captured the vision and knows what she wants to do with her life.
A confident and intelligent girl can change the world .. she has the power to project love and positive energy to all she meets.
She understands the importance of keeping your eyes open and your heart in tune to the needs of others.
All of these can serve as a force for good that cannot be stopped.

There are times when these girls need a reminder of the potential that resides inside each of them.  Too often, they focus on the negative comments and all of the ways in which they perceive they fall short.
I am incredibly passionate about reaching these young girls and making sure they KNOW .. and I mean really KNOW .. that they have the power to be and do anything.

Forget what you think you should be!
Forget what the world defines as beautiful!
Forget what talents you do or don't have!
Forget where your clothes come from!
Forget the haters!
Life will be full of people who think you should dress, talk, act and do things a certain way .. some of these people may even be members of your own family.
There are a million different ways to be and do .. and plan parties .. and raise children .. and spend your time .. you get the idea.
As a mom, I have always worked to instill this in my own girls.
I want them to go forward in life believing that they can RULE THE WORLD!
There is not a thing .. or a person .. who can hold them back from achieving their goals and dreams.
It doesn't matter if you love to get dressed up .. or if you prefer basketball shorts and tshirts .. you can change the world with the right focus and drive!
Ashley posed the question .. what would you change in the world?
I would change the way too many girls are raised.
They are not meant to be coddled and sheltered.
They are not meant to fit some mold of what is the "right" way to be and do.
They are meant to be empowered and pushed.
They are meant to be educated and strong.

How great it would be if when she walks by .. people stop and say,
"Watch out for that girl!  She will change the world!"