Saturday, January 21, 2012

Livin on a Prayer

I was blessed this week to get to know a pretty amazing 14 year old girl.
My new friend Isabella has had quite the life ...
Born premature
Open heart surgery at age 1
Severe asthma
Severe scoliosis

This was her before yesterday:

The picture on the right is her spine after a spinal fusion surgery that lasted almost six hours.  I have never seen anything like this .. cannot even imagine how this girl was walking.

Dozens of people have commented that despite it all, this is one happy, giving child. 
Always concerned with the welfare of others.
Focused and hard working at school.
Kind and loving.

We started Project LOVE to help Miss Isabella get through the next few weeks of painful physical therapy as she relearns how to walk, sit, stand, roll over, etc.  Her family is feeling a bit overwhelmed.  A minimum of six weeks without pay is a scary thing.  Their family includes:
Colleen - Mama Bear with a bit of an uphill battle for the past few years
Tristan - 11 years old - "man of the house"
Isabella - 14 years old - our sweet girl

One of her cousins, who happens to be in 5th grade, considers Isabella to be her best friend.  She has been really concerned for her and decided to take action.  She created this page:

I really dig kids who are moved by the situation of another to take this kind of action .. excellent work for an 11 year old girl!  
So Project LOVE is taking off .. and the best part is we started on Martin Luther King Day and will wrap up right around Valentines Day!
What can you do?

*Donate online.
*Send a card with a note of encouragement or two to Collen, Isabella or Tristan between now and Feb 15th or so.  If you can, throw in a gift card or $5.
*Have a group that you know - your family, girl scouts, boy scouts, church youth group, student council group, sports team, etc. - write Isabella and Tristan notes, host a fundraiser, put together a get well soon package.
*Anything else that you think would be cool!

If you would like to help with Project LOVE .. email me and I'll send you the family's address.